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TOUR 1 MONUMENTAL BERLIN (7 hours) 4tours in 1!


Are you short on time during your stay in Berlin? 

Why waste your vacation with a different tour everyday?  You can see everything in one day!


A complete tour that is both spectacular and educational. Take an unforgettable walk at your own pace with time to film and take pictures …

THE BEST WALKING TOUR IN BERLIN which no visitor should miss !


THIRD REICH – the Rise of Evil

The Rise of the Third Reich, a complete history through the actual sites that forever changed humanity

BERLIN AND THE COLD WAR - a City threatened by Nuclear War

Berlín, epicenter of the Cold War, separated by a wall for 28 years and constantly threatened by nuclear disaster

PRUSSIAN GLORY -Charlottenburg Palace


A tour through Prussia the kingdom that led to the unification of Germany in 1871


JEWISH QUARTER -suffering and deportation under National Socialism

An unforgettable tour through streets full of sadness and despair.



We begin our Walk in Hauptbahnhof, the Central Train Station in Berlin, a very old project by the Nazi architect Albert Speer. Although it was only made into reality in miniature form, it is still the largest railway station in the European Union.

Then we cross the river Spree to visit the German Chancellor’s Office, here we will learn about historical themes from the first Imperial Chancellor up to the current chancellor Angela Merkel.

After that we will visit the Reichstag (german parliament), a historic building since the founding of the Second Kingdom of the German Empire, and which bore witness to many stories of the past, like the glory of Prussia, the First World War, the disastrous Weimar Republic, Hitler’s rise to power, the Second World War, the Holocaust, etc.

We will cross through the Tiergartenpark, the third largest urban park in the world, to visit the imposing Soviet Monument, built on the orders of Stalin to pay homage to the thousands of soviet soldiers killed during the fall of Berlin during the final stages of the war.

Continuing the walk, we arrive at the most important monument in Germany which takes us back to 1734, The Brandenburg Gate. It is a monument which is linked with many historical successes, catastrophic and glorious acts, such as Napoleon’s conquering of Berlin, the War of Liberation against the French empire, the conquest of Paris, the First World War, the Legend of the Stabbing in the Back, a legend which fomented and strengthened the rapid increase of anti-Semitism and the rise of the National Socialists to power, the Nazi marches with torches celebrating the rise of Hitler to power, etc…

After wandering across PariserPlatz from the Brandenburg Gate, we will enter the Academy of Arts, workplace of the Nazi Albert Speer, where he kept his models of his megalomaniac plan to turn Berlin into the capital of the world from 1950.

Then we will visit the Holocaust Monument, in memory of the more than six million of Jews killed under the Nazi, here we will walk through its labyrinthine passages to experience the artistic intentions of its architect.

Continuing with the walk, we will visit what was the last hiding place of Hitler, the place where the Hitler's bunker was situated, an district where the National Socialist government was based, where many cowardly Nazi leaders opted to commit suicide, to avoid falling into the hands of their captors.

Then we will go to a building which for 12 years was the most feared place of the Nazi regime, the ruins The Gestapo, SS, thanks to the documentation centre recently opened by the Topography of Terror, we will be able to learn about how a handful of thugs were turned into a professional police force which committed some of the greatest atrocities in the history of humanity.

Then we will see the only building with original Nazi architecture not destroyed by bombing thanks to its superior aerial protection, the Nazi Ministry of Aviation, run by Hermann Göhring.

Following this, we will go on for about 100m to the Berlin Wall to get to Checkpoint Charlie, point of passage on the frontier between the Soviets and the Americans, an unmissable place to learn about the Division of Berlin, the Cold War, why the Berlin Wall was built and why it fell.

Wandering on through the most colourful and modern street in East Berlin, we will visit an avant-garde theatre, which will fascinate many visitors, and arrive at the most beautiful square in Berlin, the Gendarmenmarkt, flanked by its twin cathedrals, a place which bore witness to the persecution of the French Calvinists at the beginning of the rise of Prussia, etc.

Then we will arrive at a very broad square, Bebelplatz, surrounded by monumental buildings of Frederick II (the “Great”) where the Nazis chose to carry out their destruction of German culture – here they burnt books in May 1933

Then we will visit the Anti-War and Anti-Tyranny Monument, to look at a moving sculpture “Mother with her dead son” by Käthe Kollwitz, a Berlin artist.

Museum Island, a place of art and culture.Granite Bowl, which is made of one piece of stone.

Berlin Cathetral, the biggest church of Berlin and an important centre of the German Evangelical Church.


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